Note: Team Drives are only available to users of certain enhanced Google services, such as G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Business, or G Suite for Education.

team_drive_rm(team_drive = NULL, verbose = TRUE)



Anything that identifies the Team Drive(s) of interest. Can be a character vector of names, a character vector of file ids or URLs marked with as_id(), or a dribble consisting only of Team Drives.


Logical, indicating whether to print informative messages (default TRUE).


Logical vector, indicating whether the delete succeeded.

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if (FALSE) { ## Create Team Drives to remove in various ways team_drive_create("testdrive-01") td02 <- team_drive_create("testdrive-02") team_drive_create("testdrive-03") td04 <- team_drive_create("testdrive-04") ## remove by name team_drive_rm("testdrive-01") ## remove by id team_drive_rm(as_id(td02)) ## remove by URL (or, rather, id found in URL) team_drive_rm(as_id("")) ## remove by dribble team_drive_rm(td04) }