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You may be able to improve the performance of your API calls by requesting only the metadata that you actually need. This function is primarily for internal use and is currently focused on the Files resource. Note that high-level googledrive functions assume that the name, id, and kind fields are included, at a bare minimum. Assuming that resource = "files" (the default), input provided via fields is checked for validity against the known field names and the validated fields are returned. To see a tibble containing all possible fields and a short description of each, call drive_fields(expose()).

prep_fields() prepares fields for inclusion as query parameters.


drive_fields(fields = NULL, resource = "files")

prep_fields(fields, resource = "files")



Character vector of field names. If resource = "files", they are checked for validity. Otherwise, they are passed through.


Character, naming the API resource of interest. Currently, only the Files resource is anticipated.


drive_fields(): Character vector of field names. prep_fields(): a string.

See also

Improve performance, in the Drive API documentation.


# get a tibble of all fields for the Files resource + indicator of defaults
#> # A tibble: 55 × 2
#>    name                         desc                                      
#>    <chr>                        <chr>                                     
#>  1 appProperties                "A collection of arbitrary key-value pair…
#>  2 capabilities                 "Capabilities the current user has on thi…
#>  3 contentHints                 "Additional information about the content…
#>  4 copyRequiresWriterPermission "Whether the options to copy, print, or d…
#>  5 createdTime                  "The time at which the file was created (…
#>  6 description                  "A short description of the file."        
#>  7 driveId                      "ID of the shared drive the file resides …
#>  8 explicitlyTrashed            "Whether the file has been explicitly tra…
#>  9 exportLinks                  "Links for exporting Google Docs to speci…
#> 10 fileExtension                "The final component of fullFileExtension…
#> # ℹ 45 more rows

# invalid fields are removed and throw warning
drive_fields(c("name", "parents", "ownedByMe", "pancakes!"))
#> Warning: Omitting fields that are not recognized as part of the Files resource:
#>  pancakes!
#> [1] "name"      "parents"   "ownedByMe"

# prepare fields for query
prep_fields(c("name", "parents", "kind"))
#> [1] "files/name,files/parents,files/kind"