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Build a request, using knowledge of the Drive v3 API from its Discovery Document ( Most users should, instead, use higher-level wrappers that facilitate common tasks, such as uploading or downloading Drive files. The functions here are intended for internal use and for programming around the Drive API.

request_generate() lets you provide the bare minimum of input. It takes a nickname for an endpoint and:

  • Uses the API spec to look up the path, method, and base URL.

  • Checks params for validity and completeness with respect to the endpoint. Separates parameters into those destined for the body, the query, and URL endpoint substitution (which is also enacted).

  • Adds an API key to the query if and only if token = NULL.

  • Adds supportsAllDrives = TRUE to the query if the endpoint requires.


  endpoint = character(),
  params = list(),
  key = NULL,
  token = drive_token()



Character. Nickname for one of the selected Drive v3 API endpoints built into googledrive. Learn more in drive_endpoints().


Named list. Parameters destined for endpoint URL substitution, the query, or the body.


API key. Needed for requests that don't contain a token. The need for an API key in the absence of a token is explained in Google's document "Credentials, access, security, and identity" ( In order of precedence, these sources are consulted: the formal key argument, a key parameter in params, a user-configured API key fetched via drive_api_key(), a built-in key shipped with googledrive. See drive_auth_configure() for details on a user-configured key.


Drive token. Set to NULL to suppress the inclusion of a token. Note that, if auth has been de-activated via drive_deauth(), drive_token() will actually return NULL.


Components are method, path, query, body, token, and url, suitable as input for request_make().


req <- request_generate(
  list(fileId = "abc"),
  token = drive_token()
#> $method
#> [1] "GET"
#> $url
#> [1] ""
#> $body
#> named list()
#> $token
#> <request>
#> Auth token: TokenServiceAccount