List the contents of a folder or Team Drive, recursively or not. This is a thin wrapper around drive_find(), that simply adds one constraint: the search is limited to direct or indirect children of path.

drive_ls(path = NULL, ..., recursive = FALSE)



Specifies a single folder on Google Drive whose contents you want to list. Can be an actual path (character), a file id or URL marked with as_id(), or a dribble. If it is a Team Drive or is a folder on a Team Drive, it must be passed as a dribble.


Any parameters that are valid for drive_find().


Logical, indicating if you want only direct children of path (recursive = FALSE, the default) or all children, including indirect (recursive = TRUE).


An object of class dribble, a tibble with one row per item.


## get contents of the folder 'abc' (non-recursive)

## get contents of folder 'abc' whose names contain the letters 'def'
drive_ls(path = "abc", pattern = "def")

## get all Google spreadsheets in folder 'abc'
## whose names contain the letters 'def'
drive_ls(path = "abc", pattern = "def", type = "spreadsheet")

## get all the files below 'abc', recursively, that are starred
drive_ls(path = "abc", q = "starred = true", recursive = TRUE)
# }