Publish (or un-publish) native Google files to the web. Native Google files include Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. The returned dribble will have extra columns, published and revisions_resource. Read more in drive_reveal().

drive_publish(file, ..., verbose = TRUE)

drive_unpublish(file, ..., verbose = TRUE)



Something that identifies the file(s) of interest on your Google Drive. Can be a character vector of names/paths, a character vector of file ids or URLs marked with as_id(), or a dribble.


Name-value pairs to add to the API request body (see API docs linked below for details). For drive_publish(), we include publishAuto = TRUE and publishedOutsideDomain = TRUE, if user does not specify other values.


Logical, indicating whether to print informative messages (default TRUE).


An object of class dribble, a tibble with one row per item.

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if (FALSE) { ## Upload file to publish file <- drive_upload( drive_example("chicken.csv"), type = "spreadsheet" ) ## Publish file file <- drive_publish(file) file$published ## Unpublish file file <- drive_unpublish(file) file$published ## Clean up drive_rm(file) }